BLUEWATER LEKKI has been created by a partnership between two of Nigeria’s foremost real estate players.

African Capital Alliance (ACA) has extensive investment in Sub-Saharan Africa and is well-regarded for its professionalism and dynamism with over $1billon aggregate capital commitment from investors. As an investment company, it boasts sterling records in real estate, telecommunication and transportation, raising funds from investors across globe for investment, committing to global best practices and high ethical standards which have been the basis of their success over time.

ACA has experienced staff with combined expertise in private equity, consulting, banking, accounting, industrial strategy and management support.

The EL-ALAN Group is one of the fastest growing and most dynamic property & construction groups in Nigeria offering services that cater to a wide spectrum of construction needs in both public and private sectors. For over three decades, the EL-ALAN Group has delivered high quality integrated property & construction solutions with a passionate commitment to deliver value-added and innovative solutions to their clients’ construction needs. Having strong, credible and highly skilled employees, the EL-ALAN Group’s success and reputation are built on consistent delivery of quality, speed, flexibility and unwavering commitment, providing complete construction solutions.

THE EL-ALAN Group has access to world-class ideas, skills and innovative technology which put them in a unique position where they are able to offer integrated and value-added services to their clients.